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Our New Features

We perform large scale studies for municipalities and enterprises. With collaboration with various Greek municipalities and enterprises Inteligg P.C. is involved in large scale energy audit, and analysis.

Studying the current condition, providing Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for buildings, prior analysis of energy efficiency, studying and drafting budget for lighting, for HVAC system upgrade, implementation of building energy management systems (BEMS), and the integration of solar and renewable integration.

Building Automation System: Application dedicated to commercial building. It includes geography and System navigations, alarm management by subsystems, user rights management by subsystems, detailed view on devices and points, point list per status.

Application dedicated to data centers with the ability to deploy new rooms and new equipment directly from the browser. The application is based on models for devices. It provides advanced user right management in order to give independent access to end users to monitor their equipment. Application dedicated to deploy very easily meters. The application is contains also a small dashboard based on meter points.

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