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Inteligg P. C. as a Niagara-certified company and official partner of the global Tridium Community introduces the fully cloud-based building energy management system (c-BEMS).

We implement more advanced systems using Tridium solutions along with the most advanced technologies by Tyrell Products for optimum energy management and higher energy savings.


Get to know our activities

We perform large-scale studies both for the private and public sectors. In collaboration with various Greek municipalities and enterprises, Inteligg P.C. is involved in large-scale energy audits and analyses.

  • Energy audits for buildings

  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

  • Studies for lighting and HVAC systems

  • Implementation of building energy management systems (BEMS) and Building Automation Systems

  • Integration with renewable energy resources

  • Optimization and sizing of the system and building-grid interaction

Financial Report

Building Automation System: It includes geography and system navigations, alarm management by subsystems, user rights management by subsystems, and a detailed view on devices and the status of points.

  • Easy deployment of new buildings, rooms, and new equipment to the same BEMS.

  • Advanced user rights management enabling independent access to end-users to monitor their equipment.

  • Customizable dashboard based on location, equipment, alarms, and energy consumption.

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels
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