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We bring smart solutions to our cities

We bring smart solutions to our cities

SMARTH-PROP by INTELIGG - third prize wi


SMARTH-PROP is a self-learning and self-adjusting smart thermostat system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms supporting multi-zonal control of heating/cooling systems for higher energy savings up to 40% in buildings.

Smart thermostat and smart control modules
Logo of Smart Box4U

SmartBox4U - Smart Air Quality Monitoring Gadget

SmartBox4U provides a smart integrated solution for vulnerable population groups as a means of preventing potential asthma attacks due to exposure to poor air quality.

Pilot: Omega Group SPRL

Pilot 1 - Belgium

Omega Group SPRL, La Louviere

  • Single floor office building with separate rooms - 125 m2

  • Hot Water Heating System with Single Boiler for one heating zone

  • Upgraded with smart monitors per office room and smart control

  • Energy savings 25%

Service: Air Quality Monitoring
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Air quality monitoring

Service 2: Energy systems modelling and analysis
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Energy systems modelling and analysis

Service 3: Studies for the energy, transport and agricultural sector
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Studies for the energy, transport and agricultural sectors

Service 4: Data analysis
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Data analysis

Service 5: Design of IoT device prototype
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Design of IoT device prototypes

Service 6: Web/Mobile Application development
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Web/mobile application development

News 1

23 December 2020

Inteligg is registered in Elevate Greece, which is the Official National Startup Registry and leading resource for in-depth information on the Greek Startup Ecosystem.

News 2

13 December 2020

Inteligg wins the 3rd prize award with SMARTH-PROP in the GreenTech Challenge by ESU NTUA.


10 December 2020

Inteligg participates in - NSE - New Space Economy 2020 Virtual Brokerage Event in Athens

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