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We bring smart solutions to our cities

We bring smart solutions to our cities

Business Consultation

The Most Advanced BEMS for Your Buildings

Invest in Your Energy Savings

Inteligg P. C. designs and develops building energy management systems (BEMS) for a variety of buildings, including hotels, offices, schools, and hospitals.

A generic BEMS for geographical navigation, system navigation, and point navigation. Easily partitioning and zoning with a few clicks.

Alarming, scheduling, and control for your building on the same platform. Linking your BEMS with your other services, systems, and databases in your building.

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

Our Partners

Inteligg P. C. is pleased to announce that it is a Niagara-certified company and official partner of the global Tridium Community.

We implement more advanced systems using Tridium solutions along with the most advanced technologies by Tyrell Products for optimum energy management and higher energy savings.

SMARTH-PROP by INTELIGG - third prize wi


SMARTH-PROP is a self-learning and self-adjusting smart thermostat system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms supporting multi-zonal control of heating/cooling systems for higher energy savings up to 40% in buildings.

Smart thermostat and smart control modules
Logo of Smart Box4U

SmartBox4U - Smart Air Quality Monitoring Gadget

SmartBox4U provides a smart integrated solution for vulnerable population groups as a means of preventing potential asthma attacks due to exposure to poor air quality.

Pilot: Omega Group SPRL

Pilot 1 - Belgium

Omega Group SPRL, La Louviere

  • Single floor office building with separate rooms - 125 m2

  • Hot Water Heating System with Single Boiler for one heating zone

  • Upgraded with smart monitors per office room and smart control

  • Energy savings 25%

Service: Air Quality Monitoring
Service 1 Logo

Air quality monitoring

Service 2: Energy systems modelling and analysis
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Energy systems modelling and analysis

Service 3: Studies for the energy, transport and agricultural sector
Service 3 Logo

Studies for the energy, transport and agricultural sectors

Service 4: Data analysis
Service 4 Logo

Data analysis

Service 5: Design of IoT device prototype
Service 5 Logo

Design of IoT device prototypes

Service 6: Web/Mobile Application development
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Web/mobile application development

News Background

16 December 2021

Inteligg selected to participate at the Green Deal topic aimed at creating business matchmaking among actors of the innovation ecosystem, Italy


5 December 2021

Inteligg publishes a scientific paper in the journal Buildings entitled ‘Use of AI Algorithms in Different Building Typologies for Energy Efficiency towards Smart Buildings’ 

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1-3 December 2021

Inteligg selected as one of the TOP 400 (out of 5000 applications worldwide) Hello Tomorrow Global Hello Tomorrow Global ChallengeSummit Exhibition, Paris, France

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